Target Corporation is a full-service PCB assembly specialist and electronics manufacturer with strong core competencies in military and defense applications and a growing reputation for high tech initiatives.

Target Corporation is a woman owned and operated business.

In addition to contract circuit card assembly and electronics manufacturing services, we have capabilities to provide engineering, testing and repair services.

As a provider of AS9100 certified contract manufacturing we manufacture products that meet the highest standards of workmanship (default manufacturing to J-STD-001, Class 3), performance and reliability while maintaining the highest degree of integrity, dependability and service to meet our customers’ needs.

Target: VALUE. Target: SERVICE.

Target Corporation can assemble and test products ranging from RF cables and RF assemblies, through-hole and mixed technologies and complex SMT products as well as anyone; and then what we deliver better than everyone is value.

Target Corporation supports the legacy product lines developed by Cardion Electronics. Products include IFF Decoders and Interrogators, Signal and Pulse Generators, SSR Interrogators and Interference Blankers, Navigational Aides such as TACAN, VOR and VORTAC and SPA25G Radars. View the Cardion Electronics website.

View Our Production Equipment

  • DEK Horizon 03i Screen Printer
  • Universal Advantis X
  • Universal Advantis AX-72E
  • Both machines:
    • Capable of placing BGA, µBGA, QFN and bulk/odd-form devices.
    • Can accommodate QFP spacing as fine as 12mil.
    • Maximum board size 18” x 22”.
    • Tray tower in place for increased capacity and production flexibility.
    • Multiple feeder banks for “on-the-fly” changeovers.
  • Universal Advantis AX-72E only:
    • Multi-function, dual head placement.
    • Capable of placing 0201 chips to 55mm x 55mm devices at full speed.
    • Chip placement rates up to 16,500 cph (chips per hour).
  • Vitronics Soltec XPM2 Reflow Oven
    • Unique product-specific programs for all assemblies to ensure optimal solderability.
  • Universal VCD/Sequencer
  • Asymtek Century Series Automated Conformal Coat Machine
    • Dedicated conformal coating room.
    • Programmed spray of AR coating (UV coating can be automatically sprayed depending on board layout and geometry).
    • Spray booth for UR coating application.
    • 100% blacklight inspection for all sprayed units.
  • Electrovert Vectra Wave Solder
    • Unique product-specific programs for all assemblies to ensure optimal solderability.
    • Lambda wave nozzle.
    • Full weekly maintenance performed to factory specifications.
  • Plato Model SP-500T Solder Pot (2)
  • Trident 3 Chamber Automatic Defluxing System
    • Unique wash programs based upon customer cleanliness requirements.
    • Onboard cleanliness testing and SPC capabilities.
    • Kyzen Aquanox a4241 detergent employed (qualified to remove Indium and Alpha flux deposits).

  • GPD CF-8 and CF-9 Component Formers
  • Hepco Through-Hole Lead Trimmer w/multiple trim plates
  • Q Corporation 2000 Series QRG Automated Lead Trimmer
  • Molex TM2000 Crimper
  • Huskie Robo Crimp REC-3510
  • Schleuniger Omni Strip 9400 w/PreFeeder 1100
    • Fully programmable and capable of cutting 8-32AWG wire.
    • Maximum output: 10,000/hr.
  • Hanson Rivet 6000CS Rivet/Press Fit Machine
  • EFD Ultra 2400 Series Glue/Adhesive Dispenser
  • Brady 3481 Label Printers (2; Product Traceability)
  • Zebra 170X:4 Label Printer (Inventory Control)
  • Gold Count Axial and Radial Tape Marker

View Our Inspection/Test/Repair Equipment

  • Agilent Technologies SJ-5000 AOI
    • Speeds of 5-6.3+in^2/sec (41+cm^2/sec).
    • Optical Character Verification and Recognition (OCV and OCR).
    • 20” x 20” (510mm x 510mm) board size capability.
    • 4.1 mega-pixel digital camera.
    • 19µm per pixel resolution (scaleable).
    • Standalone SPC program for constant process monitoring.
  • Agilent 3070 ICT
  • SPEA 4060M Full Performance Flying Probe Tester
    • State of the art Flying Probe technology.
    • Extreme accuracy; able to probe parts as small as 01005.
    • Linear motors on all 3 axes (X, Y, Z).
    • Probes moved without mechanical friction for maximum probing repeatability.
    • Intuitive programming software to reduce set-up time.
  • Hot/Cold/Vibration Test Chambers
  • Hipot Testing
  • Various test and diagnostic test instruments including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, RF signal generators, volt meters, network analyzers, attenuators, high voltage probes and power meters
  • Cirris Wire Continuity Tester
  • Alphatron PT-100A Pull Tester
  • HP-100 Digital Torque Meter
  • Luxo (2.5x) Halo Magnifiers
  • Sciencescope SSZ Microscopes
  • Bausch and Lomb Microscopes
  • Various pieces of incoming inspection tools including calipers, pin gauges, micrometers, slide gauges, digital thermometers, hole gauges, thread plugs go/no go, height gauges and digital scales
  • Loner 951SX Soldering Stations
  • Hakko FX-951 Soldering Stations
  • Desco Benchtop Ionizers
  • Zephyrtronics Pre-heat Stations
  • Pace ST115 Repair Station
  • Pace MBT350 Repair Station
  • Desco Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear Tester
  • 3M 746 Wrist Strap Tester
  • Static Shield Bag Tester 3M 709
  • Aqueous Zero Ion Ionic Contamination Tester

We are gaining new customers continually who respect our company values and the overall value we deliver. Expect exceptional service, impeccable workmanship and quality product. That’s not a promise; it’s a guarantee.

Target Corporation
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